Bo’ness Bravery

Many of those who fell during the Great War were rewarded with medals for their gallantry on the field, and the we have already given accounts of the exploits of medal winners who appear on the Bo’ness War Memorial:

Private James McIntosh DCM,

Sergeant William James Martin DCM,

Corporal Peter Wardlaw DCM,

Captain Archie Dunlop MC

Second Lieutenant Robert Sharpe MC

Private James Grant MM

Sergeant John Hamilton MM

Lance Corporal Alexander Potter MM

Private William Rose MM

The names of many other gallantry medal-winning individuals do not appear on the Bo’ness War Memorial as they survived the Great War and its aftermath. Their deeds of bravery to help ensure an Allied victory are also remembered:

Harcus Strachan VC, MC

Corporal James Jenkins MM

Pipe Major McCombe MM

Bombardier J. MacKay MM

Lieutenant Henry Moubray Cadell Croix de Guerre

Private Bernard McColl MM

Captain William Drummond MC

Captain Archibald Livingstone MC

Lance-Corporal James Hammond MM

Private Thomas Fraser MM

Sergeant William Gibb MM

Sergeant James Rutherford MM

Gunner David Ballantine MM

Sapper Richard Snedden MM

Private Alexander Doughty MM

Captain James Swann MM

Lance-Corporal T. McMahon MM

Sergeant Major George Black DCM

Private Archibald Hamilton MM

Sergeant Robert Johnston MM

Corporal Peter Craft MM

Captain Rev. William White Anderson MC

Lance-Corporal Thomas Spence MM

Private Thomas Middleton MM

Corporal Alexander Anderson Belgian Croix de Guerre

Private William Young DCM

Private James Galloway MM

Private David Park MM

Company Quarter Master Sergeant Alexaner King Young DCM, MM

Thomas Greer MM

Robert Robertson MM

William Paterson MM

Corporal David Reith MM

Lieutenant D. Bruce Allan MC

Miss Daisy M. Murray, Commandant, Carriden Hospital

Miss Helen M. Murray, Quartermaster, Carriden Hospital

Private C. McKenzie Young MM

Lance Corporal C. Sneddon DCM

Private Matthew King MM

Sergeant Thomas Simpson MM

Corporal John Neill Croix de Guerre and Palm

Private Alexander Muldoon MM

Corporal Cuthell MM

Sergeant J.W. Johnston Meritorious Service Medal

Rifleman James Webster MM

Private David King MM

Lance-Corporal C. Ramage DCM, MM

Sergeant Edward McGregor MM

Private Alexander Sneddon MM

Corporal James Buchanan MM

Private J. Wylie MM

Private J. Johnston MM

Further details of these women and men appear in “Without Fear”.

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